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An update on the Castor Food Bank

The Castor Food Bank is in good shape heading into 2022.

Ending the holiday season with one fewer hamper going out the door than the year previous and with the shelves well-stocked, Food Bank manager Sue Goodkey sees reason for optimism, which she credits back to the people in the community.

“There is always more than I ever expect,” said Goodkey, speaking of the donations.

“This town and this community is wonderful for us.”

Throwing a wrench into an already pandemic-complicated year was the fact that in order to get the hampers out for Christmas this year Goodkey had to rely solely on volunteers as she recovers from an injury.

Fortunately, Castor Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) manager Mandy Fully and a group of other volunteers stepped in to help get hampers out just prior to Christmas.

“We broke everything down into parts, we figured it out,” said Fuller.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Castor Food Bank can do so by leaving items in boxes at the local grocery stores or by making arrangements through the FCSS office or the town office.

Financial donations can be made by mailing cheques to: Castor Food Bank, Box 572, Castor, AB, or by leaving them with Fuller at FCSS, or at the Town of Castor administration office.