An update on the Castor Food Bank

‘We always need things like soup, and other canned goods’

By Sarah Baker

For the Advance

Sue Goodkey’s phone was ringing.

The person calling was Mandy Fuller who had just went to drop something off at her office. “Who brought all the food for the food bank,” said Fuller.

“What do you mean – I haven’t been there since Wednesday,” Goodkey replied. “The whole counter is full. It’s full of food,” said Fuller.

Theresetta Catholic School made the donation as part of almsgiving which involves giving to others as an act of virtue during Lent. “They just filled up the food bank, it was great,” said Goodkey, the manager of the Food Bank.

The food bank in Castor has been open for many years but this past year many people have been stepping up and supporting it that much more. “This is usually our slow time of the year, but this year donations have gone up. Because of COVID-19, people have been so much more generous.”

The pandemic has not increased the amount of people who require the food bank’s services in town.

“We have the same amount of people coming as we did before the pandemic started,” she said.

Meanwhile, the food bank is doing extremely well at the moment, but it shouldn’t stop anybody from donating, said Goodkey.

“We always need things like soup, and other canned goods.”

People can make donations to the Castor Food Bank by putting goods in the boxes at the local grocery stores, making a monetary donation by mailing it to P.O. Box 572, or they can also phone to make an appointment with the Town office or Goodkey to drop off the goods.