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Big brother will be watching over Halkirk

Village of Halkirk council highlights for Dec. 8, 2021

The Village of Halkirk is spending some money on security.

Council decided during their Dec. 8, 2021, council meeting to spend around $5,500 to install several video cameras in the community.

The cameras would cover the community hall, the fire hall, and the main entrances in and out of the community.

The cost is a one-time fee, and allows employees of the village to log in remotely and live-view the cameras.

In addition, the cameras will record and store up to a month of video.

“I like the idea,” said Mayor Thomas Schmidt.

“I think we need to do it. I motion that we get it done.”

The motion was carried.

Fire hall overhead doors

Village council has approved the purchase of two new overhead doors for the old section of the recently rennovated fire hall.

According to village administrator Marcy Renschler, the old doors are warped and allowing mice to get into the building, leading to concerns that they could get into the wiring of the fire equipment and potentially causing problems.

Mayor Schmidt asked if it was possible for the doors to be adjusted, or if they absolutely needed to be replaced.

“They could be adjusted again, but eventually they are going to need to be replaced,” said Renschler.

Council approved the purchase and installation of new doors, to be funded through the $20,000 fire-grant provided by the County of Paintearth every year.

The total cost for the new doors is just over $13,000.

Further to the approval, council also directed Renschler to check and see if the old doors could possibly be sold.


Halkirk council received a delegation from Paintearth Adult Learning.

It had been several years since the group had last presented to village council, and they did so with the intent of reforming the bonds with community and exploring opportunities to bring some programming to the village.

Manager Cindy Heidecker and literacy coordinator Radka Buršíková presented to council, informing them of some of the foundational and capacity building programs that are offered through the organization.

There was even some discussion about bringing Magic Carpet Ride, a program for young children and their caregivers, to Halkirk.

Magic Carpet Ride currently runs on Mondays in Brownfield, and Wednesdays in Castor and Coronation.

“I think that would work really well, there are a lot of young families here,” said Schmidt.

Other opportunities for Paintearth Adult Learning to work in the community include the possibility of bringing first aid and safety training to the village for the fire department.

The village and Paintearth Adult Learning will reconnect in the new year.