County of Paintearth council highlights for March 2nd

County of Paintearth council has passed all three readings of Bylaw 697-21, the Schedule of Fees Bylaw

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

The County of Paintearth has received a request for a ‘Children at Play’ sign from a family on Township Road 370, north of Coronation.

The resident requesting the sign states in their letter to council that the paved road already has a reduced speed limit of 60km/h on it, though, “No one ever goes 60 kms.

“Our house is very close to the road and we have a little boy who will be playing outside come spring,” wrote the homeowner in their letter to council.

“It would really put our minds at ease and allow him to play with a little more comfort with these signs up.”

The County of Paintearth peace officer, Colm Fitz-Gerald, didn’t agree that the signs would help.

“Putting a sign up is not going to slow (the speeders) down,” said Fitz-Gerald, before suggesting that administration contact the RCMP for stepped up speed patrols in the area.

Ultimately, due to the fact that council has been asked about the signs, they felt that they should be put up. Coun. George Glazier presented the motion, which was carried.

Schedule of Fees Bylaw

County of Paintearth council has passed all three readings of Bylaw 697-21, the Schedule of Fees Bylaw.

This Bylaw sets rates for service and fees for products that the County of Paintearth provides to its residents. The major changes to this bylaw, from the previous version, include the set rates for tax penalties and tax recoveries, as well as significant updates to the planning and development sections of the bylaw.

Castor Library

County of Paintearth council has received an invitation from the Castor Municipal Library board to have a member of council join their board.

The County of Paintearth funds the Castor Municipal Library with about $5,000 in funding every year.

“We may as well have a seat at the table,” said Chief Administrative Officer Michael Simpson.

Deputy Reeve Doreen Blumhagen volunteered to join the Castor Municipal Library board and was subsequently appointed in a motion made by Coun. Tyrrill Hewitt.

Support for three-digit crisis line

Member of Parliament for Battle River- Crowfoot Damien Kurek submitted a letter to County of Paintearth council requesting their support for a national three-digit crisis line phone number, similar to 911.

The request for support follows a federal conservative motion for the establishment of the phone number in the fall, and the municipal support is a way to keep pressure on the federal government and Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to establish the number.

“Although there are some supports available, they are not widely known, and they need to be,” wrote Kurek in his request.

“In addition, they need to be made available to everyone, not only people in major cities.”

Deputy Reeve Blumhagen moved to support this initiative, which was carried.

County of Paintearth Administration will be drafting a letter of support being forwarded to Kurek, MLA Nate Horner, the federal minister of health, the CRTC, and other neighbouring municipalities.