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Halkirk campground getting an upgrade

Campground to get seasonal Wi-Fi

By Kevin J. Sabo For the Advance

After receiving several requests for the service over the last few months, Village of Halkirk Administration priced out what it would cost to get Wi-Fi at the campground.

After discussion with Vital Networks Inc, who supplies Internet access to the Halkirk Community Hall, a quote was received for $868.82 to install the service, as well as a charge of $75 a month for the service.

The campground Internet would be active from May through October, the usual camping season. Access to the service will be password protected, so only registered campers who have paid their fees will be able to access it.

The service will be included with the campground rent for the remainder of the 2021 camping season, at the currently established camping rates. Changes to camping cost or an extra charge for the service may be explored in the 2022 camping season.

Fire ban

Considering the hot and dry conditions the region has been experiencing of late, the Village of Halkirk instituted a fire ban, effective July 14, 2021.

The ban comes even though the County of Paintearth has yet to enact a region-wide fire ban, despite the conditions.

“We can’t afford to wait for the county,” said Village of Halkirk Chief Administrative Officer Marcy Renschler.

Council agreed with Coun. Sheri Renschler stating, “We need it effective immediately.”

Battle River Economic Opportunity Committee Grant

The Village of Halkirk has been approved for a $20,000 grant to construct signage for the new access coming into the village off Highway 12 across from the hotel.

Being approved for the first stage, Village of Halkirk administration now needs to fulfill the requirements of Stage II, which is a breakdown of cost estimates. That said, village administration and council are still not sure what kind of display to construct, and residents of the village are encouraged to contact the office with ideas.

Some suggestions discussed during the council meeting include the construction of a large hockey stick in honour of former NHL player Shane Doan, who grew up in the area, or some sort of Scottish icon to connect the village with its Scottish roots.


The area around Halkirk could get noisy between July 13 and 23.

A pipeline near the village, operated by TC Energy, will be getting some maintenance work during these dates, and as part of the work the pipeline will be vented, depressurizing the line and replacing the contents with atmospheric air.

The location of the pipeline facility where the work is being done is SW 26-38-16 W4M, just west of the village, south of Highway 12.