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Landspout touches down near Stettler

The localized storm caused no damage: Officials
The ‘picturesque’ storm was photographed from all angles by many different people. (Danielle Mohn photo)

The month of May finished off in wild fashion in the Stettler area with a massive land spout which touched down north of Botha just before 5 p.m. on May 31.

According to representatives from Environment and Climate Change Canada, the “very picturesque” landspout, which is a type of tornado, did no real damage and was rated as EF 0 as a result.

The funnel cloud touched down around 4:45 p.m., minutes before an emergency alert came over the Alberta Emergency Alert system advising people to get under cover.

Photos and videos from around the region flooded social media after the localized storm touched down, and the funnel cloud was visible from as far away as the west end of Stettler.

The landspout which touched down north of Botha was visible from the west end of Stettler., giving an indication of its massive size. (Kevin Sabo/Stettler Independent)
Brittany Proudfoot captured this image of the landspout which touched down north of Botha on May 31. (Brittany Proudfoot photo)

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