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Paintearth County approves thermal camera purchase

By Carson Ellis
County of Paintearth

By Carson Ellis

For the Advance

County of Paintearth council has approved an administration request to purchase a new thermal camera during its June 6 meeting.

Community Peace Officer Colm Fitz-Gerald spoke to council about the request on the uses of the camera, and the available price options, explaining he had used one similar to what the county was looking at which would suit their needs.

The camera would be used for bale inspection and to ensure no hot spots existed where fires had occurred. It could be used by both protective services and other county departments. The camera Fitz-Gerald is looking to purchase for the county costs just under $2,800 and comes with an extra battery and charger. Coun. Maurice Wiart motioned to approve the funding request, which was carried.

Council approved a request for a donation of $500 to Coronation District 4-H for its show and sale. Council also reviewed a funding application under the county’s Recreation & Community Service grants program. The request was for U17 Softball championships for one team. Both items were approved with motions from Coun. Sandy Shipton and Dale Norton respectively.

Council’s next topic was right-of-way requests for utilities. These items had been added to the agenda to start the meeting.

Director of Community Services Todd Pawsey addressed each request.

The first request was from Atco to run a fiber optic cable that would connect one of their substations to their plant. Utilities typically run most of their lines through private land; however, the line in question has run into a short section that is not being permitted by some landowners, and the county land needs to be used.

The line does not interfere with any proposed underground work, and should not be a problem.

The area in question would be along Township Road 400 and Range Road 145. The right-of-way would be similar to the power and phone lines requirements running on county land through the region. Coun. Glazier motioned to approve the request, which was carried.

Capital Power is running collector lines that need to go closer to an intersection than the county’s existing guidelines allow; they wish to cross close to the intersection due to the line needing to be routed to avoid a non-participating landowner.

The county does review requests that require being closer to intersections than allowed, based on a case-by-case right of way. Pawsey does explain that the utility has redrafted its plans for collecting lines and has been able to greatly reduce the number of right-of-way requirements on county land. Council discussed the request to ensure that there would be no issues with the easement needed for the crossing at the intersection. A motion to accept the request was made by Coun. Norton.

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