RCMP promotes intersection safety rolling into the New Year

RCMP promotes intersection safety rolling into the New Year

Safety tips include both motorists and pedestrians

Submitted by Cst. Dustin MacIntyre

Coronation RCMP

January has arrived and traffic will be back to business now that the holiday season has passed. Traffic volume will return to its steady flow as members of the public return home and to work in their respective locations. This means that commuters, public transit, transport trucks and school buses will all be operating on their regular routes.

The Coronation RCMP reminds everyone that road safety is a shared responsibility. Do your part for keeping the roads safe this year by driving with due care and maintaining situational awareness, especially near intersections. This time of year, the roads can be less than ideal to travel on due to ice and other weather conditions like poor visibility from snowfall. Taking extra caution is particularly important when approaching an intersection where other motorists and pedestrians are present. Be sure to slow down well before you reach an intersection to allow your vehicle to gain enough traction to stop when necessary. Furthermore, be conscientious of other motorists approaching the intersection as well. Drive defensively.

Tips for road safety and operating near intersections:

Motorists: Control your speed; Obey traffic control signs/devices at all times.; Look ahead and expect the unexpected; Be alert and distraction free (leave your phone alone while driving); Prepare for sudden actions and reactions of other motorists and pedestrians; Do not expect other motorists to do what you would normally do; Watch and respect other drivers and pedestrians; Be particularly mindful of school zones and their posted speed limits; Adjust your speed to the weather and/or road conditions; Adjust your speed before entering a bend, in order to avoid applying the brakes in the middle of a bend; Maintain a safe following distance, you need enough time to react to another driver’s sudden braking and maneuvers.

Pedestrians: Do not assume you always have the right of way; Look both ways before your cross; Obey traffic control signs/devices at all times; Use marked cross walks and controlled intersections when crossing the street; Ensure you are not distracted at intersections while crossing. Take your headphones off and put your phone down while crossing at an intersection; If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left-hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic while staying as far away from traffic as possible; Visibility is important, ensure that motorists see you before crossing and avoid wearing dark clothing at night. If you must walk somewhere while it is dark, bright reflective clothing is best; Be mindful of the icy roads, wear footwear with good traction; If waiting for a school bus or other transportation, stand in an area which is safe, well lit and away from the road.