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Staff and students of Theresetta School chose to commemorate Education Week Jan. 25th - 28th

The first Alberta School Week (Education Week) was held Dec. 2nd–8th, 1928.

Its purpose then, as now, is to call attention to the importance of education and to show the public the good things happening in Alberta schools.

This year the staff and students of Theresetta School chose to commemorate their education during the week of Jan. 25th – 28th. Our purpose was to celebrate the opportunities, people, and learning that our education provides us. We celebrated by showing our gratitude to the people, sharing examples of interesting learning, and fostering school spirit. School spirit adds to the positive learning environment that our school provides the students.

Students who feel supported by a school community who cares for them, are better learners.

To get our Education Week started, students were encouraged to dress up in our school colours of blue and white. It was also Support Staff Day. Students showed their appreciation to our awesome support staff members by writing cards with kind messages and thanks. The 3-4 class got creative and performed a rap, which was videoed and shown during our Zoom Assembly.

Tuesday’s special activity, which was a well kept surprise, was to dress like a staff member. We had little mini teachers walking the halls, and everyone who dressed up did such a good job embodying the style of the teacher they chose. It gave everyone a good laugh!

We also spent time on Tuesday watching a video that all classes contributed segments for.

Students had prepared short presentations on something they had chosen as an especially interesting learning experience.The video allowed us to share our learning opportunities with the school community.

On Wednesday afternoon, students donned their masks to complete a school wide scavenger hunt! Participants had to find answers all over the school. It was a true test to see how well students know the building they spend so much time in. Everyone did so well!

The big finale of our Education Week occurred on Thursday, with an entertaining version of outside Winter Olympics. Students and teachers braved the cold temperatures to demonstrate all the wonderful skills we learn at school: athletics, arts, problem solving, teamwork,, time management, and even some seven habits.

Each class cohort was assigned a country. We had an opening ceremony, complete with team theme songs and torches to get us in the Olympic mindset. Then we bundled up and headed outside to enjoy the five challenging events. Team Throw involved tossing bean bags into hula hoops to earn time deductions.

Team Pull saw teams splitting up into small groups and pulling each other in calf sleds, after which their run times were added to their team’s overall time. Team Ski involved some challenging teamwork getting the four-person wooden skis across the snow. Team Building was a race against the five minute timer to build the tallest snow tower.

For Team Art, students were given instructions to draw the Olympic rings in a

creative way on the snow, using pop bottles filled with paint. Rings had to be bigger than the shortest team member. Points were awarded for creativity and accuracy. You’d be surprised how hard it is to draw five big rings on the ground in the correct order and alignment!

Teams did a great job putting a creative spin on their work. Every class’s picture was unique!

The teams’ times were then calculated while everyone enjoyed a hot chocolate treat, after which chocolate loonie medals were awarded to each country(grade) that had the best time in each event. Team Ukraine (Grades 1-2) won the Team Pull event.

Team Australia (Grades 5-6) won the Team Building event. Team Japan (one of two junior high teams) won the Team Art event. Team Madagascar (the other junior high team) won the Team Ski challenge.

Team Peru (Grades 3-4) had the fastest overall time and were awarded the grand prize of large chocolate toonie medals! It was a really fun afternoon and a great event to end Education Week!

In addition to each day’s focused event, there was a week-long bulletin board game that had students entering their guesses. The game tasked kids with matching up the staff members to three hints. The hints were really hard, but they were a fun way to learn a little more about all the people working at the school to support and foster students’ learning!

We would like to thank Miss Smawley for coming up with and organizing all these awesome activities.