Town of Castor

Town of Castor meeting highlights for June 28th

The Town’s water losses are starting to trend downward

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

The Town of Castor is directing its 2021 Gas Tax allotment to repairing the sidewalk on the South side of Main Street, between East Central Appraisals and the Credit Union.

Council has been directing Gas Tax funds toward sidewalk revitalization over the last several years, usually doing one or two a year, depending on costs.

The decision was made to replace the main street sidewalk after council received a delegation from an affected business who brought forward concerns about the condition of the sidewalk.

During the same meeting, council was also presented with a letter from another affected property owner echoing the same concerns.

In the request for decision presented to council, it was stated that based on past years’ costs, the estimated cost for the sidewalk replacement would be over $48,000, but that cost includes doing the entire sidewalk from the Post Office to the credit union. Administration is recommending that the entire block be done, so the sidewalk is one continuous pour.

However, since the section of sidewalk at the Post Office was replaced within the last several years, in a motion presented by Coun. Kevin McDougall, council decided to limit the scope of the project by tying in the new sidewalk with the existing.

It is not known how much money will be saved by doing the shorter stretch.

Still, council decided that the sidewalk needs to be replaced.

With the cracks and heaves in the sidewalk on that side of the road, many tripping hazards are present.

“Somebody is going to hurt themselves,” said Coun. Trudy Kilner.

Coun. McDougall’s motion was carried.

Gas and water

After a winter that was brutal with water breaks, the Town of Castor’s water losses are starting to trend downward.

Water losses peaked earlier this year at 41.5 per cent, attributed to several water breaks in late winter and early spring. As of May 31st, the water losses for the Town-owned water system were down to 30.8 per cent.

“Water losses are trending downward, but we are still losing water,” said Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Donna Rowland.

Beach Hill Road

Town council has approved the temporary closure of the Beach Hill Road from July 5th through to July 16th, and town residents are asked to use an alternate route.

The road closure is being done so the road can be paved from 51st Street to the bridge by the access to the boat launch.

“We’re hoping that the Beach Road is not closed that long,” said Mayor Richard Elhard.

“(The company) will do their best (to finish sooner).”

Cemetery peony gardens

Town council has approved a proposal put forward by a Castor resident to put in a peony garden in the cemetery.

The garden will be installed and maintained by volunteers, though administration cautioned council that despite best intentions, it is likely that the gardens could end up on the Town’s watering list in the future.

“Probably, at some point we’re going to have to water and manage (the garden),” said Rowland.

In the meantime, the only Town involvement in the proposal includes the hauling of a half load of garden mulch, which the Town has in stock.

Coun. Trudy Kilner moved that the peony garden be allowed to go ahead but included in her motion that aside from the mulch, which the Town will supply, there will be no Town involvement in the project, including watering.

“I think (the project) is a good idea after seeing (the cemetery),” said Mayor Elhard.

The new garden will be placed in the east end of the cemetery, where the grass is being taken over by dandelions.