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Town of Castor municipal utility services continue positive trends

The Town of Castor’s munipally owened water system has hit a new milestone.

After running significant double-digit losses for the better part of the last decade the number has finally come down to single digit territory as council heard during the May 24 council meeting.

According to chief administrative officer (CAO) Christopher Robblee, losses in the water system for the year up to the end of April showed the town sitting at just over nine per cent.

“Over all, the water losses are good,” said Robblee.

“I’m expecting to see an increased loss with increased usage through the summer.”

The actual fluid volume lost in April was 327 cubic-metres of water.

Over in the municipally owned gas system, the surplus is getting chipped away with the new calculation that is being to used.

The surplus ending April 30 for the gas system was down to three per cent.

According to Robblee, the goal is to get that number as close to zero as posible for the simple reason that the town is a reseller, and not a producer, of gas.

“We don’t make gas, we can’t make a profit,” said Robblee.

The issue in the calculation was recently flagged in an audit by the Alberta Gas Federation when the town was showing a surplus in the gas system of over three per cent. A surplus or deficit of greater than three per cent is automatically flagged.

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