Trash 2 Treasure will be held alongside the Community Garage Sale on the weekend of Aug. 27 and 28. (File photo)

Trash 2 Treasure will be held alongside the Community Garage Sale on the weekend of Aug. 27 and 28. (File photo)

Stettler Trash 2 Treasure weekend returns later in August

A program running in Stettler since 2014 is back for another go around in 2022.

The Heartland Beautification Committee Trash 2 Treasure weekend is coming up on the weekend of Aug. 27 and 28.

For the weekend Stettler residents are asked to set their unwanted but still usable items on their front lawns with a sign marking them as free, allowing anyone to come and take what they need.

While residents are free to share their participation themselves online through social media, the Heartland Beautification Committee is also providing a service where they will post the address of participants anonymously.

Residents participating are asked to have whatever items remain on their lawn removed by the end of the day on Aug. 28.

While the Trash 2 Treasure weekend normally runs in April to coincide with Earth Week, due to the rummage sale taking place in early May this year, organizers decided to hold off so the two initiatives didn’t conflict.

“We didn’t want to divert things from the rummage sale to the Trash 2 Treasure,” said Heartland Beautification chair Grace Fix.

With the August dates, the Trash 2 Treasure weekend will be coinciding with the Community Wide Garage Sale on Aug. 27, which is sponsored by the Stettler Board of Trade.

“We’re hoping there isn’t confusion between the two,” said Fix, before pointing out that the garage sales should be operated by residents while the Trash 2 Treasure items won’t be. Fix hopes that having the two together will be a good fit and that whatever residents don’t sell during the garage sale they can add to the free pile the next day.

The Trash 2 Treasure initiative came out of an Environmental Action subcommittee under the Heartland Beautification Committee after Fix saw the concept online and suggested bringing it to the community.

The focus of the initiative is to keep things in use and out of the landfill as long as possible.

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