United Churches Forestburg, Alliance ponder African farming

Alliance Ag Society meets Jan. 23 at community hall

I had a phone call from Miguel Rubio at Wainwright as soon as last week’s paper was out. His son is Bruno who has just moved to town. Bruno Rubio is also the son of Marcela Ferretti. Migeul is in the armed forces.

Peter Kroeker wandered into the Valley Inn on Friday looking for his sister, Anne Nelson. She was in Saskatoon helping her daughter with some home renovations. Peter and his wife were passing through on their way home to Medicine Hat.

About 100 people gathered to remember the life of Dixie Lee Berry on Saturday afternoon at the community hall. Her sister, Jacqueline Bass expressed her gratitude to the people of Alliance for the love and support given to Dixie. She said that Dixie really loved living here.

There will be an ag society meeting on Tuesday evening at the hall.

Dell Wickstrom celebrated a birthday on Friday with a dinner out at the A1 Chinese restaurant in Killam. I heard that the food was good.

The WI planned the yearly program last Wednesday. February meeting will not be a meeting but a tea party to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the branch. It is hoped that constituency convener Dianne Campbell is well enough to attend. The Constituency Conference will be held in Round Hill on March 24. That is one of the times that we take our handicraft to be judged.

Doreen Bullee is on the mend after having major back surgery in November. The road to recovery will be a long one but her doctor is pleased with the progress she has made. Elmer commented to me that he had no idea how much work women do in the house. He is doing the cooking and cleaning now.

The congregation of the United Churches in Forestburg and Alliance were treated to a look at farming improvements in Kenya. Terry Lee Degenhjardt is with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and she shared the observations she made on a trip to Kenya in June. Most of the farms are 1 to 10 acres in size and largely worked by the women. It was phenominal to see the crops planted in the new way beside the much smaller crop planted in the traditional way. They have found that mulching or growing a cover crop makes better use of the limited moisture.

The Alliance United Church will be holding a Common Vision Concert as a fundraiser for the Foodgrains Bank.