Village of Halkirk council highlights for Sept. 8

Traffic flow in Halkirk will be changing

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

Traffic flow in Halkirk will be changing.

With the addition of the new entrance coming into town off Hwy. 12, which will be increasing traffic on Main Street near the hotel, and with the speed bumps on Alberta having little apparent effect, Halkirk council has opted to create two new four-way stops on Main Street in the community.

“I’m not sure the speed bumps are working as good as we thought,” said Village Administrator Marcy Renschler, regarding the Alberta Ave. speed bumps.

A four-way stop will be placed at Railway Ave. and Main Street, where the new Hwy. 12 access comes in, and the second one will be placed further down Main Street, at Alberta Ave. with the intended effect of slowing down drivers who are crossing the village.

“I agree with putting in four-way stops at Railway and Main Street, and Alberta and Main Street,” said Coun. Sheri Jamieson, making the motion.

With winter being not too far away, as well as them having little apparent effect, part of the same motion was to remove the speed bumps from Alberta Ave. for the season.

Development permit extensions

Two projects in the Village of Halkirk which were issued permits in 2020 have been granted permit extensions.

The construction involved with both projects is complete, however the paperwork was never completed and submitted to Palliser Municipal Planning Services, council heard during their Sept. 8 meeting.

Once the oversight was discovered, Palliser began working on getting the appropriate documentation finalized, however, has asked for a one-year extension.

“Palliser asked for a one-year extension so they can get that work done,” said Renschler.

Council approved that request in a motion put forward by Coun. Dennis Cordel.

Viability review

A draft of the Village of Halkirk viability review document has been completed.

The draft document, which looks at various aspects of maintaining the village, including infrastructure and environmental studies, will be released to the public for review once it is finalized. The final document will come in around 800 pages.

“The environmental study alone was a couple hundred pages,” said Renschler.

Berry Street paving

Village council has approved road work for the north end of Berry Street.

The tender accepted was from Pidherney’s Inc. at an estimated cost just short of $200,000. The project is anticipated to be completed this fall.

Design the sign

The Village office has received a few suggestions for the new sign to be placed at the new entrance to the community.

Suggestions include incorporating the image of the water tower into the sign, constructing a tiger lily like the Daysland crocus, or incorporating the slogan ‘New roads lead to new attitudes.’

After some discussion, council directed Renschler to find out pricing for the construction of a tiger lily similar to Daysland’s crocus, possibly incorporating the slogan into the design.

Council further directed Renschler to provide a $50 dollar gift certificate to the person who came up with the tiger lily idea, and a $25 gift certificate to the person who came up with the slogan.

Both gift certificates are for the Halkirk Hotel.