Village of Halkirk

Village of Halkirk highlights from May 12th

With the theft of a number of street signs in the village, an RCMP report has been filed

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

Both the Ball Shack at the Bullarama grounds and the fire department will be getting some funds, thanks to Paintearth Waste Management grants.

Bullarama will receive $8,000 to go towards putting shelving in the booth, repairing fencing and putting tin on the building – $10,500 was applied for for the work.

The Halkirk Fire Department will be receiving $2,250 to purchase leaf blowers and water packs for use during grass fires, to put out the hot spots.

RCMP report

With the theft of a number of street signs in the village, Administrator Marcy Renschler has filed an RCMP report.

Around $700 worth of street signs, including a stop sign, were stolen prior to the April council meeting, and with the number of signs stolen it was deemed to be a safety issue, triggering the report.

“What if someone needs the ambulance,” asked Renschler.

“The ambulance crews can be from anywhere.”

Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to contact the village office, contact the Coronation RCMP, or return the signs to the village office, no questions asked.

Tax bylaw

Village council has approved the 2021 tax bylaw.

The 2021 mill-rate for municipal operations residential and farmland will be 11.2 per cent. Non-residential and designated industrial properties will 12.2 per cent. The 0.2 per cent increase was required to balance the budget due to a decreased assessment.

In addition to the municipal operations portion of the mill-rate, the Seniors Foundation mill-rate will be .5124 across the board.

Schools will sit at 2.6004 per cent for residential and farmland, and 3.7888 for non-residential and designated industrial.

Also added to the municipal taxes is a .4072 per cent mill-rate for policing costs, which are being downloaded onto municipalities by the Province.

In total, the total mill rates will be 14.72 per cent for residential and farmland, 16.9084 for non-residential and 16.9850 for designated industrial.

Due to a change in the software being used to calculate taxes, the minimum tax on a property will be $475.

Taxes will be due Aug, 31st, 2021 and tax rolls in arrears past that date will receive a penalty of 12 per cent. On Jan. 1st of the following year a further 12 per cent penalty will be applied, followed by another 12.3 per cent on May 1.

Assessment Review Board

Village of Halkirk council has passed Bylaw 2021-04, the Assessment Review Board Bylaw, establishing an assessment review board as required under the Municipal Government Act.

The assessment review board will consist of local community members Tony Nichols, Tyrill Hewitt, and Terry Vockeroth, who have all received the training from the province.

Marilyn Webber, who hasn’t had the training yet, will serve as an alternate. Renschler is taking the training to serve as board clerk.

Under the bylaw, a residence with three or fewer dwellings requesting a review will need to pay a $50 complaint fee.

Residential property with four or more residences will be assessed for a $650 fee. Non-residential properties will also be charged $650.

Business tax reviews will cost $50, and other tax notices will cost $30.

Linear properties and equalized assessment will also cost $650 to be reviewed.