From Parliament Hill, Stettler MP looking forward to 2018

From Parliament Hill, Stettler MP looking forward to 2018

Conservatives offer a positive vision for Canada this year

I wish everyone in our riding all the best in 2018.

Conservatives will continue to be the voice of the taxpayer holding the current Liberal government accountable for its tax increases and out of control spending. We offer a positive vision for Canada, one that actually recognizes and responds to the challenges hardworking Canadians face every day.

We live in a great province and country. We can meet our international commitments and live without carbon taxes while achieving real and true emission reductions. We can reduce taxes overall in order to remain competitive with our trading partners and still manage to pay for programs and services without living under deficit budgets.

The Liberals have raised taxes on health and dental benefits, diabetics, people living with autism, our men and women in uniform, and hardworking local businesses – all the while telling us that they have raised taxes on the “rich”.

After a two-year delay, they reluctantly provided the previous Conservative government’s promised tax reduction for small- and medium-sized businesses that all parties agreed to implement during the 2015 election. In 2018, the Liberals are going to have to go after small businesses and workers again because the lower tax rate will put them further behind when it comes to raising the revenues they want to spend.

Again, I want to thank the local businesses and workers in Battle River-Crowfoot who joined the fight against the Liberals’ tax–hike and shared their information with me. This work became a cross-Canada effort. More will need to be done in the New Year.

Looking ahead, 2018 will not be easy for the Liberal government as provinces and municipalities continue to have concerns about the legalization of marijuana. The Liberals continue to fail to stop thousands of people trying to illegally cross the Canadian border. They have decided to “coddle” rather than prosecute Canadians returning home after joining and fighting with ISIS. Instead, the Liberals have promised to target law-abiding and responsible firearms owners and users with new laws and costs in 2018.

It looks like 2018 is going to be a critical year for Canada. NAFTA negotiations are not showing positive progress and U.S. President Donald Trump is championing his protectionist policies and dramatically lowering taxes for American firms and workers.

Canadians want the leadership necessary to get Canada’s energy resources to saltwater ports and work on the Energy East pipeline. As an exporting economy since before confederation, Canada has been built by selling to our international customers what they want – from lumber, coal, wheat, canola, beef, oil and gas to high-tech products, and more.

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