The Grade 1-2 science class got to experiement with designing different types of self-powered boats. (Photo submitted)

The Grade 1-2 science class got to experiement with designing different types of self-powered boats. (Photo submitted)

The latest news from Castor’s Theresetta Catholic School

By Brenda Kneller

Happy New Year from the students and staff at Theresetta School. Everyone is rejuvenated from our extended Christmas break and ready to pursue new learning opportunities.

The month of December saw plenty of Christmas-themed activities such as door decorating, special dress-up days, a hay ride, and Christmas concert rehearsals.

For our annual season of Advent service project we collected donations of winter jackets, ski pants, gloves, hats, scarfs and snack items for Ben Calf Robe-St. Clare School in Edmonton.

This school serves First Nation, Indigenous, and Metis students in grades K-9 from all areas of Edmonton.

Miss Hepp was fortunate to teach at BCR and saw how beneficial the donations to the school are. The donations were delivered to BCR over the Christmas break.

Basketball began in earnest with three pre-Christmas exhibition games against Gus Wetter, Coronation, and Stettler.

Both our girls’ and boys’ teams will travel to Sedgewick on Jan. 18, 2022, for more exhibition games prior to the start of the C.A.R.A. league on Jan. 19.

Thank you to Mr. Ries and Mr. Finkbiner for coaching the boys, and to Miss Hepp for working with the girls who are off to their first tournament in Killam on the weekend of January 15.

Our primary students have been very busy this first week back to school.

The kindergarten class is learning all about winter, and how animals (including us) spend the winter.

They are planning to go bird watching soon to see what birds are up to at this time of year, and to enjoy the beautiful weather!

The Grade 1-2 science class had a very enjoyable “boat day” which originated prior to the holidays, when the students learned about four types of self-powered boats.

These included an elastic band-powered boat, a water-powered boat, a balloon-powered boat, and a sailboat.

First they had to finish making their plans and supply lists; then they had time to build and test their boat until it worked.

During the first round of testing, they had a few boats capsize, sink, or not move properly.

It was a great learning opportunity and students went back to their building stations to make any needed adjustments.

After a few more adjustments and a few more failed tests, they all finished assembling their boats, then they gathered around a big sled that was turned into the testing station and everyone took a turn showing their classmates how their boats worked.

The boat engineers did a great job problem solving, staying calm when things didn’t go as planned, and adapting when needed.

In the fine arts area, grade 5-6 students are learning to weave in art class, as well as honing their skills on the ukulele during music.

It’s also that time of year when Theresetta students host their favourite fundraiser, which is flower pots and hanging baskets from Howe’s Greenhouse.

Students will be making sales until Feb. 4, with proceeds going towards their future field trips.

These beautiful flowers will be available for pick up on May 5.