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Ken Lavigne takes the stage at Coronation Community Hall

Coronation Royal Performing Arts (CRPA) hosted another successful show in its ongoing entertainment season.
Ken Lavigne channels his inner Elvis as he performs an encore to close his show. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)

Coronation Royal Performing Arts (CRPA) hosted another successful show in its ongoing entertainment season.

The most recent artist to grace the stage of the Coronation Community Hall was Chemainus-based tenor Ken Lavigne.

Lavigne was back in Alberta on the second leg of his Alberta tour. Lavigne opened the show with an Italian song before moving into the bulk of his show featuring music from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sir Elton John, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Titled “Three Knights and a Tenor,” Lavigne’s performance provided a tour of the three knights’ music.

Lavigne and his band performed such hits as “On this night of 1,000 stars” from Evita, by Andrew Lloyd Webber,Crocodile Rock” by Elton John, “Penny Lane” and “Black Bird” by Paul McCartney.

Straying from the theme of the three knights for the evening, Lavigne did perform one original song, which was co-written with bassist Casey Ryder, and performed a trio of songs, including a haunting rendition of “Hallelujah,” from Canadian poet and singer Leonard Cohen.

Lavigne broke his performance into two sets with a twenty minute intermission in between.

To finish the evening off, Lavigne channeled his inner-Elvis Presley, donning a flashy jacket and performing one of Elvis’s hits.

Joining Lavigne and Ryder on stage were pianist Nico Rhodes and violinist Jonathan Lewis.

According to organizers, the performance had around 135 tickets for the supper and music pre-sold though tickets for the music only were available at the door.

As usual, the supper was catered by Castor’s Ann Michielsen, though thanks to a donation by Coroview Farms the meat for the supper was prime rib instead of the usual fare.

In addition to the prime rib, the meal also consisted of carrots, mashed potatoes, two different salads and a variety of desserts.

The next, and final, show of the CRPA season will take place on Mar. 11 when Maddie Storvold and The Misery Mountain Boys roll into town.

Tickets are are still available for this dual act show by calling 403-578-3838.

Lavigne performed with pianist Nico Rhodes, bassist Casey Ryder, and violinist Johnathan Lewis. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)
Lavigne’s show consisted of music from Sir Elton John, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Sir Paul McCartney. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)
The Coronation Royal Performing Arts show on Feb. 3 pre sold 135 tickets, though tickets for the music part of the evening only were available at the door. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)

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