Castor Theresetta School hosts art display

Castor Theresetta School hosts art display

Castor school hosts Dreaming with My Great Mother by three First Nations artists

By Lynn Sabo

Theresetta School currently has an art exhibit gracing their hallways.

Dreaming with My Great Mother is a collection of artwork by three First Nations artists: Camille Louise, Heather Shillinglaw and Carla Rae Taylor. It is organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Traveling Exhibition Program. The AFA Traveling Exhibition Program is supported by the Alberta Federation for the Arts. The exhibition was made possible through generous sponsorship from Syncrude Canada Ltd. The Theresetta Education Foundation helps to sponsor the exhibit to bring it to Castor.

This is the third art installation Theresetta School has hosted so far this year. The first one was entitled “Loom”, which was about Dutch plank weaving, the second one was called “The Wild”, which was a collection of narrative porcelain plates. In this third collection, “Dreaming of My Great Mother”, the artists explore their personal journeys seeking and receiving knowledge from their Grandmothers and Great Mother Earth.

The exhibit comes with an education guide, which is available for both the teachers and the public. This guide includes traditional legends and stories from the Cree and Dene Nations. The artists put this set of artworks together as a way of honouring the knowledge of their past generations.

The public is encouraged to stop by the school during school hours to take a look at the exhibit.

I personally would describe it as beautiful, thought provoking, and powerful. Go see for yourself. It will be on display until Feb 16. School Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.