Castor Town council have received requests from a pair of local groups

Castor Town council have received requests from a pair of local groups

Donations, water, and staffing highlight Jan. 27th council meeting

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

Paintearth Community Adult Learning has made a request that the Town donate periodic photocopying on the Town-owned copier in support of events such as Family Literacy Day, and others throughout the year.

The cost for the copying is negligible; approximately $11 per 100 copies.

The request is not new as this has been the arrangement with the Town for several years, however due to a change in practice, groups must request the services as a donation on a yearly basis.

Council opted to continue the practice in the Jan. 27th meeting, and directed administration to keep donating the printing.

Another similar request that was heard by council was from the Duke of Cornwall Chapter I.O.D.E, the women’s group who runs the twice a year rummage sale in the community hall.

In years prior, the Town has donated the services of an employee and the garbage truck to the group, and the request was made to keep this arrangement going.

The cost of the truck is approximately $187 per hour, with an additional labour cost of $50 per hour.

Despite the cost, council approved to continue the arrangement for the 2020 budget year.

In addition to the funding requests council reviewed water and gas sales.

Water losses ending Dec. 31st, 2019 showed that the community continues to lose water, however water losses were down to 19 per cent which was administration’s goal.

For comparison, the month ending Dec. 31st, 2018 was 20.6 per cent.

“In 2019 we met our target,” said Chief Administrative Officer Christopher Robblee.

“January has been tough, we’ve had a couple of nasty water breaks to deal with.”

Gas losses ending Dec. 31st/2019 were around .45 per cent.

“We’re aiming for zero,” said Robblee. “We can’t make make too much money on gas. The sheet needs to be zero, and prices are approved by the minister’s office.”

Council has opted to make a change in staffing as well.

Prior to this year, the arena manager was cost-shared with the golf course, with the Town and golf course each contributing to create a full-time position.

During the Jan. 13th council meeting, council opted to terminate the agreement with the golf course and the staff member will come on full-time with the Town, alternating between the arena as manager in the winter and the assistant manager at the pool during summer.

The change in staffing will see the Town with around a $2,000 cost increase for salary.

The next meeting of council will be Feb. 10th, 2020.