Town of Castor

Delegation from Castor Golf Course presents to council on Sept. 27

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

Castor council received a delegation from the Castor Golf Club during their Sept. 27 meeting.

The meeting was called after earlier in the year the two groups had reached a stalemate sending edits of contracts back and forth, with neither side willing to budge.

“Thank you, guys, for giving us this opportunity,” said Castor Golf Club President Todd Pawsey.

“We’ve been looking for a chance to talk to you guys for a while.”

Pawsey and another golf club member, Bryce Cooke, spoke with council regarding the work that has been done at the golf course, highlighting a 2020 Paintearth Waste Management grant that they received to do some kitchen renovations.

“Plumbing, however, has been left deficient,” said Pawsey.

“Repeatedly, there’s issues where we have no water.”

According to Pawsey, the issue, which is on the Town of Castor side of the building and has been looked at by Town staff several times, remains unresolved, and the golf course would like permission to bring in a plumber to rectify the issue.

“We’d like to request that we do work in there,” said Pawsey.

Another request made by the golf course was for the Town to provide a camping spot at the campground at no charge for next summer for use by the golf course manager.

“That ship out there is running pretty good,” said Pawsey.

“But we’re not flush with cash.”

According to Pawsey, the golf course would like to keep the manager they had this year and providing the no-charge camping spot could go a long way towards having her return next season.

As part of the delegation, Pawsey updated council that 2021 saw the first rate increases at the golf course in four or five years, however, they did not appear to have a negative impact on memberships for the season.

“The number of memberships is up,” said Pawsey. “The raising of rates didn’t deter members.”

The delegation again requested that the Town consider signing an operations agreement with golf course, though Pawsey did reiterate that the golf course would not be in favour of an agreement that the Town could unilaterally end.

“There is a million (dollars) worth of buildings out there,” said Pawsey.

“We pay for half the insurance on your assets. If we have an agreement or not, if we get back to cooperation, we can keep this place very attractive.”

In a motion presented by Coun. Lonny Nelner, council accepted the delegation presentation as information.