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Giddy up: Lucky outcome for half blind pony who escaped owner’s property

Stud pony found east of Penhold in a field of mares returned to owner
A stud pony, who travelled down a highway, was found safe and sound and returned to his owner. (Photo courtesy of RCMP)

One pony east of Penhold is a lucky little guy. The stud pony was found in a lady’s field with her mares and is now back in the hands of his owner.

Police initially said in a release that they received reports of an abandoned pony, but the pony actually had escaped its owner’s property and was not in fact abandoned.

Alaina, who wishes to not have her last name published, said her daughter was out feeding their horses in the morning and found a friendly visitor on their property.

“He wandered into our yard and jumped in with our horses. Unfortunately it was chasing our horses around because it was a stud and they’re mares and they’re not young mares, so they wanted absolutely nothing to do with him,” said Alaina with a laugh.

The pony, who is partially blind in one eye, had walked two miles down a highway and into Alaina’s yard.

She says they had to keep him in a shelter because he was chasing their horses around.

Luckily they were able to catch him, as the pony was friendly to her daughter’s mare and could be herded into a shed.

The pony was at her place from Jan. 24 to 28.

Alaina said she tried to find the owners and put information out on social media, but no luck came their way. They had also put a call out to the livestock agency and a brand inspector came out to look at the pony.

RCMP agents who worked alongside the livestock agents came out, canvassed the area to see whether they could find the owner, and dropped off a card and picture to the neighbours.

“The neighbour that owned the pony found the card at his house and he’d been looking for the pony, but the pony had literally walked straight down the highway, so there was no tracks. There was nothing. The only tracks from the pony were down our laneway, so we were unsure of what had happened,” said Alaina.

The pony is healthy and happy at home with his owner now, who Alaina happened to know, but didn’t know it was his pony.

“They are making all the efforts to get the pony nice and healthy and looked after. It’s a great ending to the story.”