Halkirk’s Circle Square Ranch holds successful fundraiser

Around 72 riders from around Alberta and Saskatchewan took part in the fundraiser

By Kevin. J. Sabo

For the Advance

Halkirk’s Circle Square Ranch capped off its 2021 season with a successful fundraising ride held onn Sept. 12.

Circle Square Ranch, located at the edge of some picturesque coulees northeast of the Village of Halkirk, holds the ‘ride-a-thon’ annually, usually in September but depending on weather.

Despite some early rain on the day, according to Executive Director Cynthia Perry, the ride “Went really well.”

“Especially since the day started out with rain. People were just thankful to get out and about. They showed up rain or shine.”

Fortunately, according to Perry, the rain only lasted about 20 minutes and the rest of the ride had favorable weather.

The ride-a-thon is the major fundraiser for the ranch’s youth horse program, this year succeeding in raising $32,000.

“(The ride) helps us cover the cost of the horse program,” said Perry.

Funds raised from the ride go towards the purchase of winter feed, new tack, new horses, and veterinary expenses for the animals.

The four-hour ride was split into two parts, with a hot chocolate and coffee break taking place at the hotel after the first hour, before heading back out to the trails for the remaining three.

After the ride was finished and everyone had their animals dealt with, the riders were invited into the hotel for a beef on a bun supper. After the supper apparel from the ranch store was given away as prizes for the riders who raised the most funds and travelled the furthest distance.

Around 72 riders from around Alberta and Saskatchewan took part in the fundraiser.