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Town of Castor’s water losses continuing to improve

Robblee: ‘We’re back into the realm of water losses that we’ve seen in previous years.’

The Town of Castor’s water woes seem to be improving.

Council heard during their Dec. 13, 2021, meeting that losses in the water system were down to just under 900 cubic metres per month as of the end of October, a sharp contrast from the nearly 3,800 cubic metre loss in January.

“Water losses are way down,” said chief administrative officer Christopher Robblee.

“We’re back into the realm of water losses that we’ve seen in previous years.”

Despite the good news, the water losses for the year remain just above 25 per cent.

Unfortunately, according to Robblee, due to the losses earlier in the year that percentage is unlikely to drop much further when the year end calculations are done.

In the Town’s gas system, things continue to remain optimistic.

Currently, despite gas use being around six per cent lower than normal due to a mild fall, the gas system continues to run at a 5.38 per cent surplus for the town.

Liquor license

Council has denied a request from the Coronation Royals to offer liquor for sale at their games hosted in Castor.

After checking with the town’s insurance provider, Robblee concluded it was not in the town’s interest to allow the request and informed council as such.

According to Robblee, for insurance to cover alcohol sales at the games, town employees would have to be the ones actually selling it, which could require bringing on extra staff at an extra cost.

The Royals would be unable to sell the alcohol themselves and whichever staff members came in to serve the liquor would be required to hold their ProServe certification.

Robblee also raised concern about the possibility of children being in the area while alcohol was being served.

Deputy Mayor Trudy Kilner pointed out that the request is similar to a request received from the Royals in the spring of 2020, which was also denied.

Council did unanimously deny the request, though Coun. Shawn Peach did suggest that the Royals contact the Castor Curling Club, which is licensed, and make arrangements to use that facility on game days if they wanted to pursue the sale of liquor.

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