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Castor Mayor Elhard reflects on turbulent 2021

By Richard Elhard Castor Mayor

The year 2020 ended with a great fireworks display donated by several members of the community and operated by Anthony Holland.

It gave us hope and cheer for the year before us.

Many of our meetings were held live on Facebook which involved some technical expertise provided by CAO Christopher Robblee.

Feedback from the community was appreciated and by all reports the meetings had a large fan base.

The year 2021 began with a tough start.

The province was in lockdown – our facilities were closed.

The kids in the community could not play hockey – the adults could not gather in their gathering places.

By the time spring arrived restrictions were easing and our swimming pool, golf course and ball diamonds opened.

The pool had a very busy summer with lots of children taking lessons and a great staff!

The adults in the community also enjoyed keeping cool in the aqua-size classes and many spent their evenings with families at the pool.

Our U18 Provincial Ball was a great success!

The community support with the huge crowds was phenomenal and very noticed by the teams from out of town.

Moving from the recreational side to the practical side of the Town of Castor.

We were able to repair and renew some badly pot-holed streets with a cold mix.

This met with lots of positive feed back especially from those experiencing constant pot hole jolts!

Water main breaks were a problem with four of them causing concern, and cost.

Two new sidewalk stretches were added to the community.

Speed bump trials were incorporated into three areas to slow traffic and help keep the children of the community safe.

CAO Robblee provided the following information to prove that the Mayor and Council were working for the community:

400 motions were made – two new bylaws – a land use bylaw review – a utility bylaw update – micro surfacing of main street.

October 18th brought about the local election.

Three Councilors retired from the Town of Castor.

We appreciated the time, work, and years to Castor offered by Tony Nichols, Lonny Nelner and Rod Zinger.

Ten people put their names into running for the Town of Castor council; our new council members are Cecil Yates, Sean Peach, and Don Sisson.

We wish them well in their term of office.

I appreciate the confidence of the council in nominating me again as your mayor.

Dec. 10 saw a late night shopping event sponsored by Anthony Holland featuring live music, a movie screen and hay rides by Greg Boxma.

The evening was enjoyed by many.

I hope this sets a new tradition, though I must say I am old enough to remember when the stores stayed open late on Saturday nights!

In spite of COVID we have a lot to be thankful for in the Town of Castor.

We have our wonderful frontline workers at Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital and Extendicare – the Doctors, nurses and all staff.

We appreciate everything you do and have gone through this past year.

Paintearth Lodge management and staff do a wonderful job of keeping our residents healthy and safe.

Thank you to our local firemen for always being there to keep our community safe; and to your families, thank you for sharing your family members.

To our ambulance people and the RCMP, thank you for all you do to protect us and transport us in a time of need.

Thank you to all of our local stores for allowing us the privilege of shopping local and for supporting all the community events with your donations of time, money and goods.

To our great Town of Castor office staff and public works staff – You do so much that is often under appreciated, criticized and behind the scenes -thank you.

This is a wonderful community that pulls together in times of joy and sorrow and on behalf of the Town of Castor council, I wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas and let us look forward to a great 2022!

Richard Elhard – Mayor