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Castor Trap Club hosts year-end tournament

The Castor Trap Club hosted its final tournament of the season on Sept. 16.
Just under 30 competitors took part in a tournament at the Castor Trap Club. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)

The Castor Trap Club hosted its final tournament of the season on Sept. 16.

Competitors came from as far away as Athabasca in the north and Medicine Hat in the south, with 28 shooters in total.

The weather was nearly perfect for the shoot, with partly cloudy skies and a light wind.

In the singles category, the overall Champion was Gary Tebb who shot a perfect 100. In the ‘A’ class, Lorne Umscheid took the top spot with 92 out of 100. In ‘B’, Justin Scribner picked up a win shooting down 88 out of 100 clay pigeons. in the ‘C’ class, Roger Reid took out 93 of 100. Finally, in the ‘D’ class Lovepreet Marahar took top place with 91 of 100, winning the coin flip over Ross Browning.

The singles category had a full field with all 28 shooters participating.

In the Handicap tournament, where shooters are placed at varying distances from the trap house based on experience and abilities, Tyson Bourassa was the overall champion having downed 91 of 100 targets. In the ‘Long’ Handicap, Tebb was again on top having downed 79 of 100 targets. In the “Mid” Handicap, Umscheid was on top with 85 of 100 targets. In the “Short” Handicap, Roland Lord came out on top having taken down 87 of 100 clay pigeons.

The Handicap category had 24 competitors entered.

Finally, 22 competitors entered the doubles category.

In doubles, two clay pigeons are fired one after another with the shooter attempting to drop them both.

Umscheid was the overall doubles champion, downing 94 of 100 targets. While no one was entered in the “A’ class, Tebb was at the top of the “B” class having downed 92 targets. In the “C” class, Don Edey took the top spot by downing 89 targets.

While Umscheid and Tebb tied for the highest overall with a score of 271 of 300 targets downed, Umscheid won the prize having won the coin flip.

As usual for the trap club, there was a concession for the day which served chili and a few other snack and beverage items.

The Castor Trap Club shoots regularly on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. For those looking for more information on the sport or looking to join the club, contact Don Checkel at 403-882-3238.

~With files from the Castor Advance

Castor Trap Club member Don Checkel fires on a clay pigeon during a recent tournament. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)
Castor Trap Club member Don Checkel (left) prepares his shotgun as club vice-president Andrew Boxma (right) takes his turn on the firing line. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)
All three trap-houses are in use at the Sept. 16 tournament. (Kevin Sabo/Castor Advance)
Handicap winners (l-r), Tyson Bourassa, of Bonnyville; Gary Tebb, Athabasca; Lorne Umscheid; Roland Lord, Boyle. (Photo submitted)

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