The answer can always be found, but sometimes you have to stop looking for it

‘I fell into my role as a writer and photographer almost by accident’

  • Jan 12, 2020

Opinion: Challenge and growth in 2019, looking forward to 2020

Last year may have been a rough year, but I’m stronger for it

  • Dec 30, 2019

Never too old for a new passion in life

I’m excited to put the tools I’ve learned to use in the coming weeks, months, and beyond

  • Dec 18, 2019

Losing one first responder to suicide is too many

Trauma. If you’re lucky, it’s something that you will never have to face

  • Dec 13, 2019

VAUGHAN: Critical thinking in the curriculum crucial to a functioning electorate

Students need to understand multiple perspectives in order to make informed choices

Starting the conversation about Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is estimated to affect up to 1.6 per cent of the population

  • Nov 28, 2019
Fans support Rebels

VAUGHAN: Local news stands up against authoritarianism, corruption

Supporting local newspapers ensures fairness in society

Peanut allergies: Research shows ‘oral immunotherapy’ is safe for preschoolers

Child eats small amounts of an allergenic food, dose gradually boosted to target maintenance amount

Support democracy by supporting journalism

Central Alberta waves goodbye to Red Deer Express

OPINION: Yet another adult decision ruins what is ‘just a game’

A minor hockey team won’t play out their season since a teammate is now ineligible to play

Party politics doesn’t accommodate independence: MLA Strankman

Alberta experienced ground-breaking political paradigm shift during depression

  • Feb 5, 2019

MP Sorenson: New Year, New Beginning?

Economic outlook not so bright in coming months

  • Jan 19, 2019

COLUMN: Cut it out with the ‘Not all men’ argument

Gillette commercial can be a watershed moment for self-improvement

OPINION: MLAs Ron Orr and Jason Nixon comment on Bighorn Country consultations

UCP MLA Jason Nixon penned a letter to Minister Shannon Phillips

OPINION: Trudeau’s carbon tax has arrived

MP Blaine Calkins takes on Prime Minister Trudeau’s carbon tax

  • Jan 3, 2019

Liberals continue attack on Alberta, says MP

Liberal Government’s agenda is to ‘destroy Alberta every which way it can’

  • Dec 30, 2018